Petty Larceny Charges Can Set You Way Back



Do not let a petty larceny charge get you down. Your case can be defended, and the charges can be reduced (maybe even dismissed). Unlike some other types of theft, larceny usually requires the offender to carry off the stolen goods. There are many situations that could qualify as petty theft or larceny, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Driving off from a gas station without paying
  • Walking out of a store wearing clothes you have not paid for
  • Leaving a restaurant without paying the bill

While the dollar value of items stolen through petty larceny is generally relatively low, the penalties for a conviction can be serious, including jail time and fines. At Terrel B. DoRemus & Associates, we provide a strong defense for clients in Oklahoma who have been charged with petty larceny, working hard to resolve these cases in the most favorable way possible.

Defending Against A Petty Larceny Claim


With an experienced and committed lawyer, there are ways you can counter a petty theft charge that could get your case reduced or dismissed. Mr. DoRemus could argue, for example:

  • You believed the item to be yours.
  • You had the intention to return it.
  • You were intoxicated, impairing your ability to have intent.
  • You were talked into stealing an item as part of an entrapment scheme.

We offer free initial consultations, wherein you will meet with attorney DoRemus in person to discuss the particulars of your petty larceny charge. Mr. DoRemus will listen to you carefully and make recommendations for how best to proceed in your case. Our office is committed to working diligently on your behalf to provide you with the best possible chance at a fresh start.


A Strong Defense, A Clean Slate


When you enlist our Tulsa law firm as your legal team, you are taking a decisive step toward clearing your name and moving on with your life. Please call for your free initial consultation at 918-477-7709, or complete our online contact form.

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