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Some people never recover from a car wreck

Car accidents happen every day in Oklahoma. But that doesn't mean that they are easy to deal with or that they don't have lasting consequences. In fact, many people who have been seriously injured in car wrecks never recover from the physical, emotional and financial damage that was caused.

When Pokémon Go can get you, or others, killed

Distracted driving has been an issue for some time, and although laws have continually been passed in an effort to lessen the instances of distracted driving, as technology improves the temptation to drive while doing something else only gets stronger. One of these distractions is the new game for iOS and Android called Pokémon Go.

3 common causes of bike accidents

With the warmer weather, many in Tulsa are out on bicycles. For some, bicycling is strictly a form of exercise, while for others it is a form of transportation, using bikes to run errands or get to work. Regardless of why someone rides, with more bicycles on the roadways, motorists need to take certain precautions to ensure everyone's safety.

Do I need a lawyer after getting into a car wreck?

Car accidents are very common in Oklahoma and the rest of the United States. Accidents that are minor in nature -- such as slight fender benders that result in little property damage and no injuries -- can usually be handled by working with the insurance companies directly.

How insurers get policyholders to settle for less than they deserve

  • Have you dutifully paid your car insurance premiums for years, only to have your insurance company turn its back on you when you need them most?
  • Have you been told that your insurance coverage won't cover your medical bills or property damage stemming from a car accident?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are certainly not alone.

Always get medical attention after an accident

Many people are hesitant to go to the doctor. Some want to avoid the anxious feelings a doctor's visit gives them, while others want to avoid the expensive bill that often comes along after.

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