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Many Oklahoma travelers are at risk for accidents merely because there are negligent drivers sharing the road. Regardless of how alert, cautious and obedient to traffic laws you are when you get behind the wheel, there's not much you can do about another driver's choices. Being struck by a distracted or drunk driver when one least expects it can turn an otherwise uneventful trip into a tragic situation.

Even minor collisions can result in severe injuries that take weeks or months to heal. In more serious situations, the lasting effects of a car accident might include partial or full permanent disability, not to mention the emotional trauma and post traumatic stress often associated with such incidents.

First days are crucial

Although you might not be able to fully function, nor feel like doing much of anything in the hours and days that follow your accident, the first 72 hours are often crucial toward achieving a swift and full recovery. Of course, if your condition was life threatening, you likely spent those hours in an intensive care or shock trauma unit in a hospital somewhere. However, for those whose injuries are less severe and whose conditions are very stable, it often helps to keep the following in mind:

· R.I.C.E.: This acronym stands for the following treatments: rest, ice, compression and elevation. Anyone suffering a sprained ankle or other strain that involves swelling may find that this type of treatment promotes healing and restores flexibility.

· Complete rest: While resting a particular strained or swollen part of the body is good, overall rest (and sleep) is vital toward successful recoveries. Many recovering accident victims try to do too much, too soon, which tends to lengthen recovery time.

· Drink lots of water: This is good advice for everyday living, but especially for someone trying to recover from a car accident. Fulfilling the body's basic need for hydration is a key factor toward restoration and good health.

· Move as able: As your body begins to heal and you are able to move, it actually helps regain strength if you exercise your limbs a bit or take short walks if you can.

Generally speaking, no pain is too small to mention after a motor vehicle accident since lingering minor discomforts are often signs of much more serious internal problems. Whether you report your pain to your primary care physician, a chiropractor or other licensed medical professional, not only might it help you prevent worsening of your condition, it's also good to document such things in case you file a personal injury claim in an Oklahoma court against the party or parties deemed responsible for your injuries.

If you do decide to seek compensation for damages, an experienced attorney can guide you through the process. As your personal advocate, an attorney can actually investigate the events leading up to and following the accident to identify all possible sources of liability and help construct a claim that is likely to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

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