Defense For Juveniles Charged With Theft Or Shoplifting In The Tulsa Area

Juveniles facing petty theft or shoplifting charges are generally treated with more leniency than adults who commit the same offense. For both adults and juveniles, however, the severity of the consequences for theft or shoplifting depends upon:

  • What was stolen
  • How much the item was worth
  • If the offender has a history of previous related offenses

If you or someone you love is facing a juvenile theft charge, attorney Terrel DoRemus can analyze your case and develop the strongest possible defense strategy.

Juvenile Shoplifting Considerations

The stereotype of the shoplifter running out the door and setting off the security system while store police give chase represents only one shoplifting scenario. Many times juveniles may not be aware other actions also qualify as shoplifting, including:

  • Changing tags on merchandise
  • Altering price tags
  • Putting something into a different package to avoid paying the full price
  • Wearing clothes out of a store without paying

How To Fight Back

There are ways an experienced lawyer can fight a juvenile shoplifting charge. Such a case could be fought if, for example, any of the following events took place during the course of the arrest:

  • Improper questioning by police
  • A misunderstanding or a false impression by witnesses
  • Lack of evidence
  • An improper detention
  • A coerced confession
  • Assault and battery by store employees, police or others

At Terrel B. DoRemus & Associates, we have experience prosecuting wrongful stop and search in a retail establishment. Our Tulsa firm has the deep knowledge and experience of Oklahoma juvenile law to help get your charges reduced or dismissed where possible. We take juvenile confidentiality seriously and want to work with you to help give you or your loved one a clean slate and a fresh start.

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