Assault And Battery Charges Can Ruin Your Future

Determined, Experienced Juvenile Defense Representation Is A Must

When a juvenile gets into a fight with another juvenile or adult, it isn't always considered to be a kid just being a kid. Under certain circumstances, a minor can be arrested and charged with assault and battery, or even felony assault, and face penalties as a juvenile offender.

A fight doesn't have to happen at night in a dark alley to qualify as a juvenile offense. Sometimes fights that take place at school, sporting events or parties can rise to the level of a juvenile offense. Aggravated charges (involving a weapon) can be particularly serious.

Assault and battery charges are complicated, and often involve conflicting accounts of acts of self-defense, aggression and intent. Juveniles charged with assault and battery need a conscientious and knowledgeable lawyer who can maintain confidentiality and make sure their cases are given appropriate attention and care.

In Tulsa, we at Terrel B. DoRemus & Associates, treat every juvenile case with integrity and diligence. Attorney DoRemus has over 40 years of legal experience, and he understands a juvenile conviction can have serious repercussions for the accused juvenile's life.

We do everything we can to make sure our juvenile clients are treated fairly and get the second chance they deserve.

Addressing Bullying As A Background Issue

Bullying within a school can sometimes escalate to the point where the situation is referred to law enforcement. Usually, however, such a referral is a last resort after attempts to resolve the issue at the school level fail. While there are antibullying laws in Oklahoma, at the moment they only require that public schools have policies in place that prohibit bullying and harassment (including online harassment), and set up a system for identifying and addressing bullying behavior.

Challenging Assault, Battery And Bullying Accusations

We offer free initial consultations with attorney DoRemus, who will sit down with you, listen to your story and make recommendations for potential next steps. A conviction in juvenile court can have big repercussions for a young life.

Give yourself a chance at a fresh start by calling us at 918-477-7709 or completing our online contact form. All communications are secure and confidential.

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