All Oklahoma Residents Need An Estate Plan

If you are older than 18 and have property or any sort of assets, it is important to at least have a valid will or trust in place. If you want to save your family and relatives a lot of trouble in the case you are hospitalized and cannot make medical and financial decisions for yourself, it is critical you have a comprehensive estate plan, including at least the following elements completed with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney:

  1. A legally valid last will and testament
  2. Revocable and/or irrevocable trusts
  3. Designated powers of attorney with someone you trust
  4. An advance health care directive and living will
  5. Designated guardianship and conservatorship documents for minor children and dependent adults under your care

At Terrel B. DoRemus & Associates, we can help you understand all of the benefits of ensuring your affairs are in order at any time in life. If you were to be hospitalized from a car accident or work injury tomorrow, or if you were suddenly on your deathbed because of some tragic turn of events (which could happen to anyone of us at any time), your family will be completely lost if you haven't gotten your affairs in order with the help of a lawyer.

Arguments that break up families for good will ensue. What if you and your spouse are seriously injured or killed? Your children and your elderly parents may be put into Oklahoma state care. The probate court will determine what to do with your money and assets as your family squabbles for control.

There Are Several Tools Available To Help You Prevent Confusion In Life And In Death

Based in Tulsa, attorney Terrel DoRemus has over 40 years of legal experience, and he will help you ensure your wishes are followed as intended in any circumstances. We will make the necessary plans to keep your estate out of probate, make the administration of your estate tax efficient and protect each of your beneficiaries and dependents.

During a free initial consultation with attorney DoRemus, he will help you understand all of the tools available to you, including those listed above and the following:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Business succession planning
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Tax planning
  • Life insurance

Ensure Your Estate Plan Is Solid And Thorough

Please call us at 918-477-7709, or complete our online contact form to schedule a meeting with attorney DoRemus. We look forward to helping you understand your options and building a customized plan that is right for you and your loved ones.

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